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Instant Alert System: My One Call Now

All phone numbers need to be registered via your child's building.  Please contact your child's school with updated phone numbers for your family.

Register with the OneCallNow app for easy access and archiving of the calls you receive from your child's school.

Google Play Store My Call Now (Android)
iTunes Store My Call Now (iPhone)

If you are a student or do not have a child in the Mapleton Local School District, but, would still like to receive our outbound calls, please register with our Self-Update Portal.

Parent Notices


Attention all 7th and 12th graders:
TDAP and Meningitis immunizations will be available at Open House, August 20th from 5:30-7:30 at Mapleton Elementary.  Please call the high school office (419-945-2188) to reserve your vaccines.



  • 6th Grade Parents/Guardians: remember to update the TDAP and Meningococcal vaccine before your child enters 7th grade.

  • 11th Grade Parents/Guardians: remember to update the Meningococcal vaccine before your student enters 12th grade. 

These vaccines need to be completed and the immunization record on file by the first week of current school year.