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Chromebook Initiative FAQ

Chromebook FAQ

What grade levels will be going 1:1?

Students in grades 1-12 will be issued a Chromebook to use for educational purposes. The Chromebook the student receives in the 2021-2022 school year will be the same device assigned to that student through the end of 6th grade or until the student graduates. The 2021-2022 school year will begin the cycle of students receiving a new Chromebook in 1st-grade and 7th-grade.  (Chrome does not allow updates on Chromebooks after the 6th year, making it necessary to create a purchasing cycle.)


Location of Chromebooks:

Grades 1-3: A Chromebook will be assigned to students and kept in carts in the classrooms.

Grades 4-12: A Chromebook will be assigned to use at school and home. 

When will the 1:1 be implemented?

Implementation began in the Fall of 2020 and will reach full implementation in the Fall of 2021.

What devices are being issued to students?

Samsung Chromebook 4

Lenovo 100e 

various models of 14 inch HP Chromebooks

Who can take a Chromebook home?

Grades K-3 will leave their device at school each day in a charging cart. Grades 4 through 12 will be responsible for taking their device home and bringing it to school each day.

Who owns the Chromebook?

The Mapleton Local School District owns the Chromebook. Students will use the same device each school year for the functional life of the device. Therefore, it is very important that the device be treated with care. You are required to leave all identification and inventory tags in place. Do not write on the device or attach any stickers to it. 

Will Chromebooks go home with students over the summer?


Chromebooks will be returned at the end of the school year so they can be cleaned and assessed for damage.

Can my child/I refuse the District-provided Chromebook?


In order to keep our support model as efficient and effective as possible, we need to maintain strict standards on the devices our students use. As such, students will only be able to use District-supplied devices. In addition, having all students with access to the same type of device creates a consistent teaching and learning experience in the classroom.

The FAQ mentions that a student cannot refuse a District-provided Chromebook. Isn’t this forcing the

What may seem as ‘forcing’ is, instead, a need to create an equal playing field in the classroom.  When teachers utilize technology in their daily instruction, it is imperative that each student not only has access but also the same technology access and experience. It is very difficult to plan a lesson when there is a heterogeneous mix of devices (or none at all) used by students. A mix of MacBooks, cell phones, Windows laptops, and no devices creates a classroom technology scenario that can be difficult to manage, troubleshoot, and to prepare.  


Students will be expected to bring their fully charged district-provided Chromebook with them every day much like other school supplies and textbooks.

What is the purpose of the technology fee?

The technology fee will help cover costs of purchasing hardware and software. The fee is $15.00 each year.

Does my child need a case for their Chromebook?

Purchasing a case is not required, however it may be of benefit to help protect the Chromebook during transport between classes and to and from home. You could either purchase a hard case, a laptop sleeve, or shoulder case that would hold the device. The classroom/grade level teachers will have information about the specific device each grade level is receiving if you are interested in purchasing protection for your child's device. 

My Chromebook is broken, how do I get it fixed?

For repairs, let one of your teachers know you are having an issue and ask them to send a helpdesk ticket on your behalf. 


Someone from the Mapleton Tech Department will retrieve the Chromebook and assess it for repairs. The student will receive a loaner device and parents/guardians will be notified through email that a loaner has been assigned. Parents/Guardians will also receive email notifications of repair costs.

What fees are charged for repair or replacement of a student Chromebook and accessories?

Students are responsible for taking care of their District-issued Chromebook. Should a Chromebook or charger be lost or stolen it will be the responsibility of the student to pay the full replacement cost.  Any Chromebook abused or damaged will be repaired at the expense of the student. All repair expenses may be paid through the school offices. 

Cash, check and credit cards are accepted. 


Damage    (Costs are approximate & subject to change.)




Power Charger


Keyboard w/Upper Case Assembly & touchpad


Chromebook replacement cost (if needed)


What if a student Chromebook is stolen?

If a Chromebook is stolen, the family should notify building administration and school security personnel immediately. A police report will be required to formally document the theft and receive a replacement Chromebook. School security personnel can assist with this process. 

Will Chromebooks have internet filtering when used off campus?


All 1:1 Chromebooks will be subject to the same filtering rules both off and on campus. Although no web content filtering system is ever 100% effective, the software used by the District provides protection against inappropriate web content that meets federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements. 

What if I forget my Chromebook?

A loaner device will not be given out to students that forget their device. Students will be responsible for the work that you miss during class by not having your device. If a student forgets their device, they will receive disciplinary action.

If I transfer to another school district or move, what do I do with the Chromebook?

The student must return the Chromebook prior to their last day at Mapleton Local School District. Any Chromebook not returned will be locked and legal proceedings may be pursued.

Will faculty or staff be able to access or control the webcam on the Chromebook?


Faculty and staff will not have access to remote control the webcam.

Will my elementary school student get her/his own Chromebook?

In all elementary buildings, each 1st - 5th classroom will be equipped with enough Chromebooks for each student to use their own device. 1st - 3rd devices will not leave the school unless Mapleton Local School district switches to remote learning. 

What if students do not have access to the Internet at home?

Let the classroom or homeroom teacher know as soon as possible. 

What about students in classes that require special editing or additional software not available on

Students will not be able to load editing software onto the District-provided Chromebooks. Chromebooks are designed to work with software that is cloud-based and that does not require a client installation. For students enrolled in classes that require editing software, Mapleton will provide laptops and computer labs with the appropriate software. In addition, if a student chooses to use a personal device, they are free to do so, but they are still required to bring their district-provided Chromebook with them each day. 

If parents want to limit screen time at home, will we be able to add extensions to do so, as we can

As District-managed devices, additional extensions cannot be loaded onto student Chromebooks. Screen time is indeed an important topic and one that does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. On a related note, in terms of online safety, the District Chromebooks will have Internet content filtering in place on and off campus. Finally, screen time on a District Chromebook may also be managed in a more deliberate/physical way rather than relying on software. Chromebooks will need to be charged each night and, to accomplish this, a routine will need to be developed by students. By establishing a defined charging time and location at home (not in the student’s room), students will not only ensure a fully charged device but also limit their overall time on the device.

If we are Mapleton Local School District residents but our student attends a non-Mapleton Local Scho


Only students attending Mapleton Local Schools will be issued a District Chromebook.

Can my child access inappropriate content while using the district-provided Chromebook?

Although content filters are in place, there is not a way to accomplish blocking all noneducational sites and content. The best way to prevent your children from accessing inappropriate content is through monitoring technology use while at home.

Has the District consulted with other districts where one-to-one roll outs have not been successful?

The planning committee is cognizant of the other district’s locally and nationally that have had less than desirable one-to-one results.  In addition, the committee also drew from positive one-to-one experiences in order to help shape the district’s plan. In the end, the district realizes that no plan, especially of the scope necessary to encompass a one-to-one roll out, is ever perfect in its first version.  There will be bumps along the way and the planning committee will continue to meet throughout next school year to review feedback and refine the guidelines and procedures accordingly.  

Will charging a Chromebook on a nightly basis raise my electric bill?

The Chromebook model the district has selected draws very little power while in use and when charging. Although providing an exact dollar amount is not possible, this PDF provided by FirstEnergy/Toledo Edison provides a list of average costs to operate many standard household appliances. There is a section of the document titled ‘Home Electronics’ where ‘laptop’ is listed.  On average, a laptop costs approximately $0.19 per month to operate. There are several variables that can impact this cost including the type of ‘laptop’ being charged. In the case of district-issued Chromebooks, which have low power requirements, it is likely that the average cost will be even lower than $0.19 per month.  

Will students be tracked when using their District Chromebook?

As with any district-owned technology device, student Chromebooks will be subject to internet content filtering (on and off campus), remote device administration of device software, as well as the ability to geo-locate the device if necessary. The district does not actively ‘watch’ students but, instead, utilizes these tools to prevent access to inappropriate online content, assist in recovery of a lost or stolen device, ensure devices are running the latest software versions, and to assist with troubleshooting.  All activity on any district device is recorded and searchable if needed by district administration.  

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