School Resource Officer

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School Resource Officer

Bus Lights

 Please pay close attention for the safety of our students.  Lights will be on from 7:30am-8:30am and also 2:30pm-3:30pm. The speed limit in the school zone is 20mph. There have been a lot of issues with people running bus lights. When you see the school bus and their lights are activated please stop and wait for the students to either get on the bus or get off the bus safely then when the lights are off then you can continue your travel. If these violations are broken tickets will be given. 

Drop of and Pick up route

Drop off Route
Reminder to parents that Mountie drive is closed from the High school to the Elementary school at specific times of the day. No through traffic is allowed on Mountie drive at those times or tickets will be given. For drop off and pick up at the Elementary,  you are to enter from County road 620 and go to the drive that goes to the back of the building. Once you drop off your child please continue around the building to the parking lot. Once you get to the parking lot watch for buses and continue through to the back of the parking lot and exit back to County road 620. Please do not enter the front of the parking lot due to staff and students might be walking across to enter or leave to building. Tickets will be given if route is not followed. 
Times are :

School Resource Officer

Deputy Brandon Hendrix
Deputy Brandon Hendrix 
School Resource Officer
[email protected]
419-945-2188 ext 5016


Hi I am Deputy Brandon Hendrix. I joined the Ashland County Sheriff's Office in August 2015. I began my career at the Ashland County Sheriffs Office as special on the enforcement division. In June 2016 I was hired in the Corrections Division full time. In 2018 I was asked if I wanted to become a substitute to fill in a the schools. During the years 2018/2020 I was a substitute S.R.O. (School Resources Officer) for the Ashland County school school. In July 2021 I transferred to the Enforcement Division to become a School Recourse Officer here at Mapleton. I went to DOT(Dare Officer training) in September 2021 and began teaching when I returned back to the school. I teach D.A.R.E. to Mapleton students in kindergarten through high School. My hobbies are spending quality time with family, kayaking, hiking, camping, playing sports, grilling, hunting, fishing, demolition derby. 
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