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MVA Frequently Asked Questions
How is MVA different than in-person or remote learning at Mapleton?
MVA is a separate educational opportunity that parents can choose that is not related to the instructional process taking place at Mapleton Schools. It is a 100% virtual option that is completely separate from any instruction at Mapleton and is designed to allow parents an educational option while still being a Mapleton student.   MVA will not be effected by the district’s decision to transitioning between Plan A, B, or C due to COVID-19 transmission rates.  MVA students will continue working through Jefferson County ESC, even if Mapleton Local Schools would move into Plan C – Remote learning.  

Are MVA courses taught by Mapleton teachers?
No.  MVA courses are taught by teachers assigned by the Jefferson County ESC. 

What does MVA instruction look like?
Instruction is a combination of videos, readings, PDFs, flip books, and independent work. Jefferson County ESC teachers are assigned to each class.  Class instruction is not a live stream video of teachers teaching every day, but rather a self-paced class with assignments and tasks that will be completed by the student at their pace. 

How would my student interact with an MVA teacher?  What if they need help?
MVA teachers are available by email.  If help or tutoring is needed, a zoom meetings can be set up by emailing the class instructor. 

Are there mandatory log-in times?
No.  There are no set log-in times or mandatory times that you need to log-in. 

Are there work completion requirements?
Yes.  Although the program is very independent and the curriculum is self-paced, students do have minimum requirements on work completion per the MVA handbook. 

Will attendance be taken?
Yes.  Attendance will be taken based on the amount of work completed per-week and total work completion. This is clearly stated in the MVA handbook.

What if my student does not complete, withdraws, or fails an MVA class?
Any MVA class that remains in incomplete or failure status at the conclusion of the semester will be at the parents’ expense. Mapleton Local Schools will fine students for recovery of all incomplete, withdrawn, or failed courses per the MVA handbook.

How do I register my student in MVA?
To enroll in MVA, please click this MVA enrollment link.  Please complete one registration form for each student enrolling.

What if I enroll in MVA but change my mind?
All registration and enrollment information will be sent to Jefferson County ESC on Wednesday, August 19, 2020. If you completed the MVA enrollment form, you will be enrolled at that time and locked into that setting until January 15, 2021.  If your decision has changed, you must email Mr. Corey Kline ([email protected]), MVA Director, by Wednesday, August 19 at 8:00 AM to change the status of your enrollment from MVA back to the regular educational setting at Mapleton.  

What if I am still unsure about MVA, what is the final deadline to decide?
New enrollments will be taken until August 28, 2020. There will be NO enrollment into MVA after this date.  Students who are not enrolled in MVA by this date will be expected to attend Mapleton Local Schools or complete the process of homeschooling with a superintendent approved curriculum.

What forms do I need to fill out to make sure my enrollment is correct?
1. MVA Registration Form:  This can be found on the Mapleton webpage and must be completed by the parent for each student registering.  After this form is completed, an email will be sent to the provided parent email with further information along with a form that will need to be completed concerning handbook, policy, and Chromebook/technology.  
2. District Enrollment Form: This can be found in the Parent Portal which is located under the Registration tab on the Mapleton webpage.  These are to be updated yearly for all Mapleton students.  

When will I receive my login, courses, and Chromebook from MVA?
Students' enrollment who registered for MVA before August 19, 2020 is in-process and should receive information during the week of August 24th.  An Administrator will be contacting you to provide that information and setup a time to pick up your Chromebook (if needed).

Students who enroll between August 20,2020 and August 28, 2020 will be enrolled the week of August 24th as they sign-up.  Students will be contacted the week of August 31st by an Administrator to provide information and setup a time to pick up your Chromebook (if needed).

Is there a link I can look at that will show me what the JCESC Virtual Academy service looks like?
Yes.  Information, videos, and curriculum can be found under the VLA tap at the top of JCESC's website.  

ALL students - regardless of registration/enrollment date - will be contacted and active the week of September 7, 2020.
If you have any additional questions, please email Mr. Corey Kline ([email protected]) or call the high school office (419.945.2188).   

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